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The team of professional photographers produces images that communicate a specific message to the viewer. Their purpose may be artistic, commercial or editorial and their content can represent anything, we capture the spectacular moods and moment’s happiness; a plate of food; a serene landscape.

Work activities will vary according to specialization. However, common activities for photographers include:

  • working with clients to discuss what sort of images they require and how they want to use them;
  • seeking out appropriate photographic subjects and opportunities;
  • carrying out research and preparation for a shoot;
  • working in different locations, and in different circumstances, to get the right image;
  • using an extensive range of technical equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting and IT software;
  • communicating with their subjects: putting them at ease, encouraging them and directing them;
  • arranging still life objects, products, scenes, props and backgrounds;
  • liaising with other professionals within their specialist area of work, e.g. graphic designers, writers, gallery managers or art directors;
  • following up the processing and use of images, discussing technical problems, checking for quality and dealing with clients’ concerns;
  • understanding traditional film and digital photography and keeping abreast of industry trends, developments and new techniques;
  • developing expertise with software to enhance images, change emphasis, crop pictures, move objects, etc;
  • Managing the business aspects of the work, e.g. administration, booking work, invoicing and basic accounting.